This break dancing Robot hip- hops to
his built in beat. However, he is prone to go to pieces
every now and again.
Madame Ostrigovich
Clyde D. Clown
Betty Buxom
Melvin the Marvelous
Oliver Twist
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The grace and charm of this prima ballerina is the cultural highlight of any performance.
This happy fellow is amused by the simple joys of life.
Clyde loves to blow up balloons. So much in fact, he often
gets carried away.
A purveyor of prestidigitation. Melvin creates magic
wherever he goes.
The worlds greatest contortionist. This human pretzel
bends your funny bone, and his.
A puppet American idol! This song stylist knows how
to become one with the song.
Each of the marionettes is a unique work of handcrafted art. Hundreds of hours have gone into the crafting of each puppet. We would like to introduce some of these amazing performers.
Donna Darring
She flies through the air with the greatest of ease!
Performing her tricks on the flying trapeze!
This trio dances the Can-Can
in perfect unison!
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